IEA Mujahideen attack largest U.S. base in retaliation for anti-Islamic film

According to the Voice of Jihad dozens of martyrdom seeking Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate stormed the second largest enemy military base in southern Afghanistan, Shorab airbase, in the Gerishk district of Helmand Province, which houses tens of thousands of foreign troops including the prince of Whales, Harry, last night, September 14.

Dozens of invaders were killed in the initial phases as well as several jets, Apache and Chinook helicopters destroyed. The military base is engulfed in fire and covered in heavy smoke while the operation is still ongoing.

 It should be mentioned that this operation is a part of revenge campaign by the Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate for insult towards the beloved Prophet of Islam, Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh), and plans have been placed for further retaliation throughout the country.

 Meanwhile, the Western media report that the base is not attacked by dozens, but by 10 Mujahideen, and that they only managed to penetrate only the outer perimeter of the base. According to the NATO command during the battle two US Marines were killed and several others injured. The IEA Mujahideen used machine-guns, RPGs and mortars.
At the time of publication of the reports the fighting in the base is still going on.

In turn, the British sources confirmed that Prince Harry is on this base, who operates a military helicopter Apache. The British claim that Harry was not injured, and the threat to his life is minimal.

Western sources reminded that the IEA command warned that it would do everything possible to capture or kill Prince Harry, who for the second time had come to Afghanistan to fight against the Muslims.

Source : Kavkaz Center


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