Paying the Price: Killing the Children of Iraq

iraq boy

This is a powerful documentary on the bombings upon the land of ‘Iraaq much before the US Invasion. John Pilger exposes the devastating effect that UN sanctions had on the children of Iraq during the 1990s. The documentary goes into the extreme trouble that the ‘Iraaqi citizens have gone through and are still going through and will continue to go through thanks to the American Army using depleted uranium in their bombings and the ridiculous UN sanctions placed on ‘Iraaq. Millions of civilians are punished because of their dictator; and what more oppression can there be than this? Note, this documentary came out in 2000. So the numbers they talk about are much less compared to the total today, after the invasion. You can read more about this situation here.

After watching this video, you’ll start to realize the anger of Shaykh Usaamah bin Laadin… it’s a real and legit anger which is shared not only amongst the Muslim population, but also the non-Muslims as you will see in the documentary. After September 11th, the title of this documentary gives off a different feeling. It’s as if its saying, “…this is what has been happening in ‘Iraaq thanks to the United States and United Nations… and their injustice and stupidity was to the extremes… and so they paid the price for what their hands had committed in the month of September…”

Interestingly enough, September 11th woke up more Americans to the injustices of their Government, the corruption of World Banks and their unexplainable bias towards Israel.

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