Democracy? Arrest them! Islam? Bomb Them!

IF YOU demand democracy in Pakistan, that means you are creating nonsense. The servants of the Musharraf dictatorship in Pakistan will charge you with batons, and teargas you, and then haul you to jail. If you dare to declare Islam, you are seen as a “terrorist” and “extremist”, and you will be targeted by helicopter gunship, and your village will be bombed. This is the current situation of Pakistan. The US administration and all its partners don’t care whether there is a dictatorship or democracy as long as the Musharraf administration meets the US demand to crush Islamic forces in Pakistan.  It is unfortunate, that the situation has been developed in Pakistan where “stability” means to “root out Islamists.”

The Pakistani military ruler has received 10 billion dollars since the tragedy of 9/11. These are just peanuts compared to the US spending on “War on Terror” in Iraq. The Musharraf administration is the cheapest military service the US has hired outside the USA. And Pakistan is the largest importer of US arms and ammunition, and this was the purpose of aid.  According to the New York Times, “The United States maintained its role as the leading supplier of weapons to the developing world in 2006, followed by Russia and Britain, according to a Congressional study to be released October 30, 2007.”  Pakistan is the top buyer with .1 billion, followed by India with .5 billion, and Saudi Arabia with 3.2 billion.

Where will Pakistan use these arms? Musharraf has developed a kind of relationship where there is no need of war with India. He practically surrendered Kashmir to India and declared the “freedom fighters” of Kashmir as “terrorists”. Recently, when India opened the Siachen for the tourists, Pakistan had no problem with it. Siachen was in Pakistani control, and India had captured the snow covered area during the rule of another military dictatorship General Ziaul Haq. From both sides it was “disputed” area until last month, but Musharraf government is now no longer interested in Kashmir. On the western part, General Musharraf is cooperating with the Karzai government to slaughter the Taliban, who was successfully ruling Afghanistan with the support of Pakistan before 9/11.

So why has the Pakistani military dictatorial regime bought arms, and where are these US dollars going? Answer: The attack on Waziristan, Swat and other northern areas, where people demand Islamic rule. Why? Because Pakistan’s master, the USA, demands such attack.

The purpose of all these aids, arms, and ammunition is very obvious. The Pakistani military has been used by USA as an extended US and allied force, as a slave force to slaughter Taliban or any other group who demands or desires to move forward towards an Islamic State. Plus Pakistan has to play a crucial role in the next US military operation against Iran. Currently, 75% of the total military supply of US and allied forces in Afghanistan goes via or flies over Pakistan. Now, Baluchistan, a province of Pakistan bordering Iran, will be used as a base for military operations in Iran. The Musharraf regime has already destabilized the province and provoked nationalist forces to the extent that the resistance against the imperial, occupying forces will be nonexistent in this area.

For Islamist forces in Pakistan, there is no difference between military dictatorship and democracy (civilian dictatorship under the control of military and for which Benazir Bhutto is campaigning). The Pakistan military regime, the US government and Western media are all cooperating with Benazir Bhutto to boost her image and position herself as a future Prime Minister. However, the Constitution doesn’t permit a person to become a Prime Minister a third time. But who cares about the Constitution?  This campaign is intelligently designed, and all the protests, rallies, and strikes from civil society, lawyers, journalists, opposition parties, and religious groups are directly or indirectly benefiting Benazir campaign of premiership.

The Pakistani Musharraf regime, the US and the Western democracies, so-called secular democratic parties of Pakistan and religious democratic parties of Pakistan   should ask and facilitate a referendum in Swat and Malakand Division, Northern Areas. Ask one question from them: Who do they support -Taliban, Secular Democracy or Pakistani military dictatorship?  The answer will be an eye-opener.

Recently BBC tried their best to find the voices of opponents of Taliban in those areas, and they miserably failed. The people, from all spheres of life support the Pakistani Taliban (Pashtun language word for ‘students’) for their effort of Islamization in the area. Islamization means society’s freedom from crime and corruption and the realization of law and justice. Shafie Naqi Jamei, a host of BBC Urdu Service, visited a medical college in Swat during the beginning days of fierce fighting between the Taliban and the Pakistan military. He collected scores of students from different classes from first year to final year medical studies. The students united their voices to say that they would favor nothing less than Islamic Shariah and Islamic rulings in this area, and they sympathize with all those who are struggling for the same.

Western hypocrisy supports false democracy and false leaders in the Muslim World.  It supports the democracies that surrender and then enslave their nations to the Western empire along with its Western culture, education, media, and values. Western hypocrisy does not accept democracy along with Islam, and it crushes by full military force, bombs Muslim homes and cities, and labels Islamic countries.

The State terrorism of the US, allied forces, and their clients (like Israel), and slave nations (like Pakistan) are now unbearable. People in general, and Muslims in particular, are rising up. These Muslims don’t belong to “Right” or “Left.” They simply demand the restoration of the Charter of Allah and His messenger Muhammad (s.), believe in the sovereignty of Allah, Tauheed (unity of Allah, the universe, and the people), end of all kind of racism and prejudices, equal opportunity to all, justice for all, and economic freedom and responsibility. Hadhrat Omar, the Second Caliphate after the demise of  Prophet Muhammad (s.), once said that even if a dog dies from hunger at the shore of  Euphrates (far from Madina), Omar will be responsible for it. The Islamic Republic of Pakistan should guarantee the same.

It is unfortunate that the Pakistani military [whose motto is “Taqwa” (Allah’s love and fear), “Jihad” (struggle and fight for the restoration of Allah’s order on the earth), and “Shahdah” (Martyrdom)] is now collaborating with the most evil forces of the world and history of the mankind to crush those people who are practically practicing Taqwa, Jihad, and Shahadah.

Will General Musharraf and his brutal force against Islamic forces be successful? Temporarily, yes! But sooner or later, the people of Pakistan will stand up like Iran, and the generals of Pakistan will have the same fate as the generals of the US-backed Irani military. The time of this fate is quickly coming. The sooner that the Pakistani military will read the writing on the wall, the better for the future of them and Pakistan.

Source: Daily Muslims


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