Doing whatever we can to drive the Jews out of Israel, even literally

destroy israel

The recent “bulldozer rampage” is the continuation of the struggle to drive the Jews out of Israel either to their deaths or into the Mediterranean Sea. Nobody knows the affiliation of the Palestinian man that did it, but everyone knows the motivation behind it. The people must realize that when the illegal Israeli occupation stops, then the war against them stops. It’s as simple as that, but the Jews don’t want it to appear that simple. They like to argue that Jerusalem is their land historically and that they, therefore, have the right to take it by force – even through use of unmatched oppression. So long as they continue, then the Muslims will find their ways around Israel’s security to give them a punch in the nose and a kick in the groin.

May Allah humiliate the Israeli’s and may Allah destroy Israel.(prince/armnews)


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