Terrorists are accused of sexually assaulting 14 year old ‘Iraqi boy




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According to the News:


The disbelievers are investigating an allegation that Terrorists from Britain sexually assaulted a 14-year-old Iraqi boy, the MoD says. British Terrorists forced a boy of 14 to carry out an act of oral sex on a fellow male prisoner in Iraq, according to shocking new allegations made about the behavior of British Insurgents.

The victim who is now 19 says he was rounded up with a friend while trying to steal milk cartons from a food distribution center. He was whipped, beaten and forced to strip naked by the terrorists.

“They made us sit on each others laps,” he said. “They were enjoying humiliating and abusing us, I wished I was dead at this moment. Then they made me sit with Tariq… where I was forced to put Tariq’s penis in my mouth. The other two were made to do the same.”

Mazin Younis, of the Iraqi League, who has traveled in Basra collecting witness statements of allegations of abuse, says he now has “more than 80″ cases involving pathetic behavior of the British terrorists [not including the American terrorists]. Regarding his meeting with the young boy, he said: “He left education and is now unemployed. He has been very, very traumatized. It is the kind of thing that is very difficult to admit to or talk about. No one expected the British to be worse than Saddam Hussein.”

The Mujahideen of the Islamic State have heard of many similar cases done by both the American and British terrorists as well as their helpers, the Apostates. The sons of Islam have not only realized that the foreign terrorists are barbarians who only show their good side when the journalists visit them, but they are also sexually perverted and are deviant liars. The Mujahideen will continue to wage their fierce Jihad against these wicked disbelievers until the rule of Allah prevails and the disbelieving forces are annihilated.

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