Our Sister Fathia, humiliated by the Morrocan Tawaagheet




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Morocco (armnews) – A short video – (slide show) about a sister who was humiliated by ‘Abdul Taaghoot in Morocco.

The men in the suit is part of the police and they are harming the woman who are family members of Muslim prisoners – according to the article.

The Muslim prisoners were doing a food strike and the families were there to support – then these police dogs came to disrupt it.





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And here is the advice of Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri regarding these type of issues:


Where are you, Oh Men of Islaam?

Where are you, Oh Men Of Muhammad?

This taaghoot didn’t even care about the baby that was on her back!

Where are those who hold Gheerah for their Sisters who fear Allah Ta’aalaa?!

Dear brothers and sisters: make two raka’at nafl and then make du’aa to Allah to destroy these Tawaagheet.

May Allah’s curse be upon these Tawaagheet.

May Allah destroy their lives!

May Allah kill them all!

May Allah break their backs and place a Mighty curse upon them!

May Allah make them an example for all of humanity!

O Allah! Rain the power of the Mujaahideen upon these Tawaagheet and allow them to punish Your enemies severely!

O Allah! Allow the Mujaahideen to terrorize these Tawaagheet and humiliate them utterly!

O Revealer of the Book! The Giver of Punishment! The Mover of Clouds! Strike Your forces upon them and have them ambush them at every corner!