Mobile Footage of ING Forces Celebrating Victory until One of Them Is Shot (clips)




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This video clip is taken from a cellphone of one of the ‘Iraaqi National Guard soldiers. It shows the Apostates singing and dancing to some music due to a victory. Then they start to realize that they weren’t victorious after all… the Mujaahideen shot one of them.

The Apostates in ‘Iraaq are known for their stupidity and horrible fighting skills. Even the American Soldiers insult them. This is what you call humiliation.

To the disbelievers and apostates: if you are going to sing and dance on the battlefield, make sure you actually win first.

The funny thing is that America is pouring billions of dollars into shaping up the ‘Iraaqi forces… and that’s the result they get.

May Allah’s curse be upon the disbelievers and Apostates.

May Allah grant the Mujaahideen victory over them.

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