U.S. Ban Words ‘Mujahideen’ and ‘Jihad’




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Information and psychological warfare against Islam is growing as the global military offensive of international anti-Islamic alliance led by the US and “Israel” on Islam rises.

One of the obvious signs of growing psychological attacks against Muslims are attempts of aggressors to undermine the ideological constituent of Islamic world outlook conception, to replace terms and concepts, to remove basic accents, to propagate false stereotypes.

After careful examination American experts have concluded that Islamic terms carry enormous ideological and psychological capabilities that crystallize worldview assessment and mobilize minds of Muslims to battle with the aggressor.

In this regard, the American public entities recommend no longer to use the terms “Mujahideen” and “Jihad”.

“Such words may actually boost support for radicals among Arab and Muslim audiences by giving them a veneer of religious credibility”, AP reports.

The study was conducted US Department of Homeland Security, which examined the way American Muslims reacted to different phrases used by U.S. officials to describe “terrorists”.

It’s entitled “Terminology to Define the Terrorists: Recommendations from American Muslims.”

Similar instructions were contained in a service note, prepared in March 2008 by the so-called “National Counter Terrorism Center” and endorsed by the US State Department. Diplomats are asked to pay attention to what they say.

As a substitute for the word “Mujahideen”, terms such as “terrorist” or “violent extremist” are proposed to use.  Furthermore, recommended to avoid ill-defined and offensive terminology: for example, the pejorative terms such as “Islamo-fascism” are considered offensive by many Muslims.”

Let us recall that this term by the recommendation of Zionist experts and advisers for the first time voiced by George W. Bush, who called Muslims who fighting against American aggression as “Islamio-fascists”, and the ideological concept of Jihad as “Islamo-fascism”.

Let’s mention in this regard that anti-Islamic forces in Russia and in Caucasus, in particular Russian democrats and Chechen national democrats are use different approach, taking into account the historical stamps and experience of people of the former USSR. They called Islam “green bolshevism/communism” and the Mujahideen “green commissioners”.

Russian and Chechen democrats, as well as the Kremlin regime and its puppet proteges in the occupied Caucasus, call Muslims, who are adhere to classical, fundamental pillars of Islam in accordance with the Quran and the Sunna of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), as “Wahhabists”.

Meanwhile, among other propagandistic methods against Islam, American experts suggest to minimize reaction to statements by Islamic leaders, because it only enhances their prestige in the Muslim world.

Similar measures had been taken in the EU and Russia earlier. The need of regulation of using the media and using Islamic terminology by officials, was for the first time said in 2003, by the participants of round table in Moscow organized by Russian pro-Zionist organizations.

Musa Stone,

Kavkaz Center